Adjusting to New Normals as a Parent

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  2. Adjusting to New Normals as a Parent

Living in a time of historic social unrest and a global pandemic is hard for all of us to balance and grasp. These new normals have come swiftly and stunningly, leaving us with unprecedented worries about health, about financial struggle, and having difficult conversations about race and equality. If you are a parent with minor children, you have an additional layer of pressure and responsibility.

With COVID-19, you worry about how social distancing and isolation from peers will affect your children’s social and emotional health. And with the nationwide protests regarding policing and race, you want to make sure that you instill morally sound values in your children. It is a lot for every one of us to process. You, like your children, will make it through this and deserve an opportunity to adjust to the circumstances. Here are some helpful tips to help you process these unprecedented times:

  • Speak with your children in an age-appropriate manner about what is happening and be present when answering their questions. When it comes to race and science, you may feel like some of their questions are above your head. Nevertheless, do the best you can to answer them thoughtfully, and try to seek out answers you don’t have. There are numerous resources for children and adults.
  • Provide structure and predictability for your children. Your children need to know that even if the world seems scary or unstable, that they are safe and loved. To the extent possible, offer them a consistent routine that involves daily physical activity and enriching learning experiences.
  • Make your own decisions with your children’s health and safety in mind, not based on peer pressure. When it comes to taking safety precautions and living in a time when COVID-19 is a real and continuous threat, make sure that you put in the thought and research to make informed decisions for your children. Listen to the science and to your children’s doctors instead of simply following what everyone else seems to be doing.
  • Create social media boundaries for yourself. It has probably become abundantly clear that your social media “friends” do not all share your opinions and values. You have probably found yourself feeling very frustrated because of some of the inflammatory and provocative things that have been appearing on your newsfeed. A lot of this can be harmful to your psyche and is not worth your time. Consider limiting your time and heavily curating who you follow.

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