What is Collaborative Divorce?

A Client-Centered, Resolution-Driven Approach

Collaborative Divorce, also known as Collaborative Law, is a client-centered, resolution-driven approach to navigating the divorce process without going to court and having a judge decide your fate. Instead of filing documents in court and having hearings before a judge, each spouse hires an attorney that has been trained in the collaborative law process. The couple and their individual attorneys attend conferences to exchange information. The goal is to reach an amicable resolution that is in the best interest of the couple and their children, when applicable. Collaborative divorce focuses on a “win-win” philosophy for the parties and their children. During the conferences, the needs, concerns, and objectives of each spouse are discussed with a focus in the three main areas of the separation process:

  • Custody schedules and co-parenting
  • Finances, Expenses and Support
  • Property, assets and debts

The collaborative divorce process may also include neutral third-party professionals such as a financial specialist, appraisers, child centered therapist/counselor and/or divorce coach to assist in reaching an agreement. Once an agreement is reached, the terms are written in a legally binding contract that is signed by both parties and notarized.

The Benefits of Collaborative Divorce

  • Maintain control over decisions
  • Agreements are reached by mutual consent
  • The process is time limited
  • Reduced costs
  • Maintains your privacy
  • Reduces animosity between the parties
  • Assist the parties in co-parenting in a positive healthy manner

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Frequently Asked Questions