Sarah J. Hink


I am able to fight for my client’s legal and best interest to ensure they find the stability and security needed to move forward from the crisis, in a positive and better direction
Sarah J. Hink


I have practiced family law exclusively since being licensed to practice by the North Carolina Bar. Many people ask me if I have always wanted to practice family law, and the truth is I have not. Going into law school I envisioned myself focusing on environmental and constitution law and going on to practice in a firm focusing on government and public policy. This is how I pictured myself making a difference through my career.

During law school I fell in love with trial advocacy. An internship with a local family law attorney and participation in Legal Aid’s 50B domestic violence program made me realize I wanted to make a difference on a much more personal level. Having been a family law practitioner now for several years, I know there is truly no other area of law I would rather be in.

Why Choose Sarah Hink

Sarah enjoys working with people in time of crisis, and her ability to stay calm, poised, and pragmatic lends itself well in the family law environment. Divorce in itself is an emotional and draining experience, however, Sarah believes litigation should not be driven by the emotions of attorneys or their clients.   This is especially important in custody cases, when, often times, her role is to maintain focus on the children and put aside individual agendas and their differences to make the choices that are best for their family going forward.

Focusing on the legal process separately from the healing process helps keep legal fees low as well as stress levels.  When first meeting her clients, Sarah recognizes that many are beaten down, emotionally distraught, and filled with angst over the decision and reality of divorce and its effect on their future.  By placing an emphasis on communication with her clients, Sarah is able to fight for their legal and best interest to ensure they find the stability and security needed to move forward from the crisis and to help them move in a positive and better direction.  Witnessing and being a part of this healing process is a rewarding experience for Sarah and she can’t imagine doing anything else.

Sarah earned her Bachelor’s degree from Appalachian State University and after working in the legal field for two years following undergrad, was accepted at Campbell University School of Law. While at Campbell, Sarah participated in Wills for Heroes, a program which provides free estate planning documents for first responders, as well as the 50B Project, a joint effort with Legal Aid providing representation, under the supervision of licensed attorneys, for victims of domestic violence. Sarah is a member of the Tenth Judicial District Bar, North Carolina State Bar, the North Carolina Bar Association, and the Family Law Section of the North Carolina Bar Association.

In her free time, Sarah enjoys traveling to North Carolina’s beach and mountains, fishing offshore with her father, hiking with her dog, and enjoying her hometown of Raleigh.