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It’s often believed that wives and mothers have the upper hand during a divorce, but this is often just a myth. Dealing with a divorce as either spouse or parent involves many complications, such as financial strain and overwhelming stress. The other party might even contest the divorce.

Situations like these can become exponentially more complicated when children are involved, and conflicts can easily arise over child custody. Co-parenting becomes much easier when you hire a parent coordinator, but not everyone understands the key information you need to know. Let’s explore some of the most important benefits and circumstances to keep in mind.

Conflict Resolution

This is one of the most important ways a parent coordinator can help you navigate co-parenting. It’s not uncommon for conflicts to arise between two former spouses regarding how they parent their children.

One might establish too many restrictions, while the other may believe the child deserves more freedom. Your parent coordinator can help you peacefully resolve issues that arise with your former partner.

Resolutions are often achieved by identifying common ground and facilitating constructive conversations. Coordinators will also teach parents how to resolve future problems on their own.

Brainstorming solutions together with your child’s other parent is an amazing way to get started. Keep in mind you might be limited by their participation. It takes both parents being on board to get the best results.

Improved Communication

More often than not, poor communication is one of the primary reasons why former spouses can’t resolve problems that manifest during their marriage. If one party isn’t willing to listen to the other, it will be difficult to reach a compromise.

Parent coordinators will encourage proactive teamwork and find solutions that work for both parents and their kids. This will help both parties convey their needs and expectations. This leads to increased trust and a better overall outcome when speaking with your former spouse.

Parent coordinators are neutral parties who should not favor one parent more than the other.  You won’t have to worry about them turning your former partner against you.

Monitoring and Reporting

Many people overlook how important it is to monitor your progress and keep track of your improvements. Otherwise, you might not be aware of how far you’ve come in your co-parenting situation. The professional you hire will regularly assess the dynamic of your relationship.

They can identify areas of concern to ensure you stay on the right path. If necessary, they can also adjust their techniques to meet your changing needs.

Child-Focused Methods

While parenting coordinators work directly with parents, their primary focus is on the children involved. They strive to help parents act in their child’s best interest. Coordinators will also help them understand how their behavior and actions impact their children.

For example, someone might be unaware that yelling or speaking negatively in front of their kids can impact their mental development. The same can be said about parents who speak ill of their former partners to their children. Each family has unique needs, and your coordinator will determine the best course of action for your situation.

General Guidance

Co-parenting after a divorce is often difficult due to a lack of knowledge. Without the proper guidance, you’ll have to figure things out on your own. While this isn’t impossible, it often involves a large amount of trial and error.

This is both impractical and creates an opportunity for more problems to arise. Having a coordinator on your side is especially useful for parents who have children with special needs or disabilities. They’ll provide you with valuable information and resources you can leverage.

Ongoing Support

It’s not uncommon for issues to manifest even after a parenting coordinator has worked with parents to lay the groundwork for a healthy relationship. The good news is you don’t have to overcome these problems on your own. Your coordinator will provide ongoing support to help you deal with complications.

However, you should still review the terms of the parent coordinator you hire. By having an accurate understanding of their services, you can get the most help for you and your family.

Helpful Tips

When collaborating with a parenting coordinator, it’s crucial to keep several tips in mind to ensure effective co-parenting during the process.

When engaging with a parenting coordinator, it’s essential to adhere to certain guidelines for effective co-parenting. Firstly, maintain open lines of communication not only with your co-parent but also with the coordinator. Transparently express your concerns, needs, and preferences regarding parenting arrangements to ensure that the process moves forward smoothly. 

Secondly, embrace flexibility and a willingness to compromise. Understand that finding common ground may necessitate concessions from both sides, fostering a more cooperative environment. Once agreements are reached through the coordinator’s guidance, it’s imperative to honor them consistently, demonstrating your commitment to the co-parenting process. 

Respect the authority and experience of the coordinator, recognizing their role in facilitating communication, resolving conflicts, and prioritizing the child’s well-being. Always keep your child’s best interests in mind. Don’t let your personal disputes overshadow your children’s needs. 

Finally, if you encounter difficulties or challenges along the way, don’t hesitate to seek support from your divorce lawyer or consider attending counseling sessions to navigate the process more effectively.

Don’t Neglect Hiring a Parent Coordinator

If you’re having trouble co-parenting, working with a parent coordinator can make your life much easier. By working with one, you’ll have the support and guidance you need to find the best resolutions and avoid common pitfalls.

At New Direction Family Law, we have a team of attorneys that are certified parenting coordinators. Our experienced attorneys provide individualized attention and support to help you navigate co-parenting successfully. Schedule a consultation today with a parent coordinator or for help with any other family law matters. 

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