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With economies reopening sporadically across the country amid COVID-19, many people are facing difficult choices moving forward. There is a challenging balance that we must each weigh between safety, employment, and living freely. This stressful choice comes during months of historic social isolation, perpetual tragedy, and unforeseen unemployment. The combination of extremes can take a toll on our mental health. It is therefore as important as ever to practice self-care during COVID-19.

To Parents: Forgive Yourself

Because schools are out across the country, parents are in a particular bind right now. While we love our children, it is a struggle to not have schools or daycares or any sort of space from them. Online school is not like sending your child to school. Children lack the executive functioning to attend virtual classrooms or work on assignments without significant supervision.

With parents as full-time teachers, this takes away from at least one parent’s ability to focus on working, finding employment, or even having time to take a break. Additionally, this will likely continue into the summer, as summer camps are being canceled or becoming virtual camps.

As your children’s teacher, parent, friend, caretaker, and support system, you are currently wearing many hats—which is exhausting. Many of us are struggling and cannot always be at our best for our children. For your sanity, forgive yourself if you are not perfect or when you have bad days with your children.

Find Time For Yourself

Despite that you are isolated in your home with your direct family, it will help you to find some time for yourself. This could mean setting out time in a separate room to read a book, work on your hobby, or watch a TV show. Communicate to the kids or your partner that you need the time. We would also suggest scheduling social or group time with your friends by Zoom or by social games like House Party.

Seek Professional Help

The stressors, the isolation, and the fear of COVID-19 are real and unprecedented. It is natural to feel it all and healthy to acknowledge that you are struggling. There is strength in seeking counseling to maintain your mental health. There are opportunities to obtain virtual therapy, as this pandemic has compelled many therapists to expand their service options to include telehealth.

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