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Living a Greener Lifestyle

There should be no question that adults have a duty to strive for their children to have better lives and more opportunities than the preceding generation. This generally means that adults work hard to give their children the chance to thrive in their relationships, educations, and careers. This dream should also include leaving children with a better Earth—one where they don’t lose the ability to enjoy nature. It can be pretty easy to make some simply adjustments to your life to leave the world a little better for your children.

They Make Hybrid Everything Now

Living a greener lifestyle does not mean you have to give up your car and start riding a bicycle everywhere. There are actually hybrid versions of many of the country’s most popular cars, SUV’s, and trucks. Some of these hybrid cars add a few miles per gallon over their non-hybrid versions. Other hybrids, like the Toyota Prius can get up to 54 miles per gallon.

There Can Be Great Financial Incentives to Living Green

There are also significant state and federal tax incentives for certain green purchases and upgrades. In North Carolina, residents can receive financial benefits for adding solar panels, energy efficient appliances, HVAC upgrades, lighting, etc. Further, people who purchase electric, or partially electric, cars can claim up to a $7,500 Federal tax credit.

Recycling Is Incredibly Easy

Many waste management companies now offer recycling. If recycling is offered, you may receive rebates for choosing a bigger recycle bin and downsizing your landfill bin. Read the recycling guidelines of your local program or plan a visit to your recycling plant with your kids. Understanding what waste can be recycled and taking the steps to properly separate your waste can tremendously reduce your carbon footprint.

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