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Finding a Mental Health Provider

Coping with the stress, anxiety, loss, sadness, and anger that come with the end of a marriage is a lot for anyone to handle. No matter how strong you are, or how you have faced prior adversity, there is no telling what emotional impact a divorce can have until you are actually staring it in the face. Mental health counselors exist for a reason. Contrary to outdated stigmas regarding therapy and psychological help, it is incredibly common for people to seek help when they need it.

In fact, it takes strength to ask for help. This strength directly benefits you and your ability to find the tools to move forward. It helps your children, as they look to you for guidance and leadership. Therefore, we encourage you to seek a mental health provider if you are in need.

  1. If you are employed, check with your health insurance provider. Numerous health insurance providers have some coverage for behavioral and mental health care. This coverage can really vary from provider to provider. In a best-case scenario, your insurance will provide you with in-network counselors in your area that will accept your insurance, while you pay a co-pay.
  2. If your employer has an Employee Assistance Program (EAP), call them. An EAP is designed to provide fast mental health services for employees who feel like they are in crisis. Not only will you be referred to a local counselor, but you may be provided a limited number of free or heavily discounted counseling sessions.
  3. Speak with your attorney. Often, family law attorneys will be familiar with local therapists and psychologists. After all, these are professionals who work with families and may serve as expert witnesses in legal proceedings. Your attorney can recommend a counselor with a good reputation that best fits your needs.
  4. Search the Internet. Websites like Psychology Today has a database of providers that you can search by geographic area. If you find providers that interest you, do additional web searches for their website or reviews from prior clients.
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