Rosa Hernandez

Rosa Hernandez

Senior Paralegal

I don’t take it lightly that clients trust me to help them through one of the most stressful times in their life, and I enjoy being able to help make a difference in a new future for them and their families.
Rosa Hernandez


Originally from Louisburg, North Carolina, Rosa Hernandez began her career in the legal field shortly after welcoming her son into the world. She was certain she wanted to pursue an occupation in law, but was on the fence about what that path looked like. She accepted a position as a family law paralegal with the assumption it would be a part of the journey on her road to law school. However, she quickly realized how much she enjoyed helping clients with their cases and could do so without stepping foot into a courtroom.

Now, after seven years as a family law paralegal, Rosa genuinely finds purpose in helping families find stability in the time of stress that divorce, custody disputes, and other family law related matters can bring. Some of her greatest moments of fulfillment have come from knowing she’s part of a legal team that can truly help make a difference in others’ lives.

In her free time, Rosa enjoys spending time with her son, Mario, and dog, Lola. She can typically be found outdoors jogging at a park, hiking in the mountains, or riding ATV’s with her family. She also loves to travel, go to concerts, and considers herself a big “foodie.”