Max R. Rodden

Senior Attorney – NC Board Certified Family Law Specialist

As an zealous and devoted advocate, I help clients understand their options and
reach the best resolution for their case, while maintaining a patient, controlled and straightforward approach during an emotional, stressful and uncertain time in their lives.
Max Rodden


Max R. Rodden is originally from Thomasville, North Carolina. At a young age, he formed an admiration for the local attorneys due to their involvement in community service, leadership, and being sources of wisdom and sage advice while he was growing up. After receiving a Bachelor of Science degree in Business at Wake Forest University, time in the banking and financial services industry, and graduation from Wake Forest University Law School in 1991, Max returned home to practice law in a prominent general practice law firm, representing clients in a variety of matters. Over time, Max developed an affinity for family law cases and began to focus his practice on all family law matters.

In 2006, Max relocated to Raleigh as he continued to focus his practice on family law, and in 2007, he became a North Carolina State Bar Certified Family Law Specialist. With over 30 years of experience, Max has participated in numerous negotiations, mediations, and trials for family law clients and brings the comprehensive, realistic perspective of a seasoned attorney when developing case strategy for the specific needs of each situation. Max is a devoted and zealous advocate, and maintains a patient, controlled, straightforward approach in advising his clients and in his interactions with opposing parties and opposing counsel. His regular practice includes Wake, Johnston, Chatham, Orange and Franklin Counties.

Max has a strong respect for the judicial system but understands its limitations in addressing family law disputes due to the shortage of judicial resources, crowded court dockets, delay, uncertainty, and time restrictions. For these reasons and others, Max encourages and pursues settlement of cases without the necessity of court. While he has experienced much success in resolving cases outside the courtroom, he is also always prepared and equipped to be a strong advocate for clients when litigation is necessary.  Max guides his clients through the process of litigation by keeping them informed, doing his best to remove any unknowns or misconceptions of courtroom proceedings, and thoroughly preparing each case for trial.

In his free time, Max enjoys traveling with his family, staying busy with his young son, engaging in community service through his church and local Kiwanis club, and going for early morning run, swim, or cycle ride.