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Finding a Mental Health Provider

In Health, Separation & Divorce by Elizabeth Stephenson

Coping with the stress, anxiety, loss, sadness, and anger that come with the end of a marriage is a lot for anyone to handle. No matter how strong you are, or how you have faced prior adversity, there is no telling what emotional impact a divorce can have until you are actually staring it in the face. Mental health counselors exist for a reason. Contrary to outdated stigmas regarding therapy and psychological help, it is incredibly common for people to seek help when they need it. In fact, it takes strength to ask for help. This strength directly benefits you and your ability to find the tools to move forward. It helps your children, as they look to you for guidance and leadership. Therefore, we encourage you to seek a …

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Suicide Prevention and Getting Help

In Health by Sarah Hink

The tragic and shocking passing of popular designer Kate Spade and Superstar Chef and Travel Host Anthony Bourdain have left countless fans stunned and heartbroken. It has also served as a sobering reminder that suicide does not discriminate and that even people who seemingly “have it all” can desperately need help. In fact, following the death of Mrs. Spade and Mr. Bourdain, suicide prevention hotlines experienced a dramatic spike in calls. This is natural because high profile suicides bring about a national conversation and around the clock media attention. If rich popular celebrities are susceptible to mental health crises, this leaves uncertainty about our own mental health and that of the people we care for. Seeking Help For Yourself There are people in your life that love you and want you …

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Separating Emotion and the Legal Process

In Health, Separation & Divorce by Sarah Hink

Separation. Divorce. Child custody disputes. All of these experiences are life altering. A relationship that was supposed to last forever has just ended and the emotions are new. Regardless of the circumstances that got you here, there is some combination of grief, betrayal, regret, anger, and fear that fills your mind and heart. Further, you are now picking up the pieces of your life and trying to figure out what is going to happen next. And when children are involved, the anxiety and pressure skyrocket. While adjusting to these sudden and dramatic changes, it is important to keep an eye on your future. The legal process of separation, divorce, and child custody determinations are about looking toward your future and your children’s future. That is why it is important to …

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“Thirteen Reasons” to Openly Communicate with Your Teenager

In Parenting by Sarah Hink

If you have a teenager, you have probably heard of the Netflix television series 13 Reasons Why. Based on a book of the same name, this hit show chronicles the mystery surrounding the suicide of a teenager named Hannah. The narrative structure of the story plays out through thirteen audiocassettes that she left behind, each detailing a different person whose acts or omissions were responsible for her decision. The story unravels in an increasingly bleak manner and touches on themes of underage drinking, teenage friendships and relationships, social media, bullying, isolation, sexual assault, and suicide. Understandably, many parents and school districts have raised concerns and complaints about the series. Common amongst these are that the show glamorizes suicide, and that it may influence other teenagers to follow Hannah’s lead. Don’t …

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A Healthy Summer, A Healthy You

In Health, Lifestyle by Elizabeth Stephenson

Summer is always an interesting time of year, as it brings a change up of our daily routines. If you have kids on a traditional school calendar they are now out of school, which means that you are with them at home, or off at a summer camp if you work. Another possibility is that the children are on an extended visit with or traveling with their other parent. If your divorce is relatively new, this can feel like a fresh wound, to be separated from your children and left by yourself. While it is easy to get trapped in the sadness and resentment of it all, summer may be a good opportunity to take a deep breath and take advantage of the time with yourself. Here are some ideas …