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Grandparent Visitation in North Carolina

In Child Custody by Elizabeth Stephenson

Grandparents love their children. This is an inherent, indisputable human fact. They want to experience their childhoods, visit them, hold them, and guide them. Unfortunately, we often see that the parents of these grandchildren have widely differing opinions about what sort of contact and influence the grandparents can have. This is usually due to poor relationships, lingering resentment of adult children toward their parents, conflicting views on parenting, or parents and in-laws who just cannot get along. Unfortunately for grandparents in North Carolina, when denied access to their grandchildren, they have limited legal options. Grandparent Rights During a Custody Dispute Generally, grandparents cannot file lawsuits to seek visitation or access to a child while the child is part of an intact family. This means that if fit parents cut off …

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Child Support from a Grandparent?

In Child Support by Sarah Hink

The North Carolina legislature and courts have held fast to the principle that parents have a legal duty to financially support their children. Did you know that in some circumstances, grandparents can also be ordered to pay child support for their grandchild? Before you pick up the phone and call us to get some child support orders against your parents, know that this is generally not the norm and only happens if certain conditions are met. In Loco Parentis North Carolina is only one of about thirteen states to enact a law regarding grandparents consistent with the common law principle of “in loco parentis”, which is Latin for in the place of a parent. Generally, this term is applied to a situation in which a grandparent has taken on a …