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Am I Prohibited from Dating While Awaiting Divorce?

In Separation & Divorce by Sarah Hink

Couples must be separated for an entire year before they can get divorced in North Carolina. As anyone who has gotten divorced in this state can attest, a year feels like a very long time. During that time, life moves forward and it is natural to want to start dating again. However, this leads to some very common questions: are people allowed to date while awaiting their divorce? Will this have a negative impact on what I’m seeking out of my divorce? These are good questions. Unfortunately, the answer is a little more complex than a “yes” or “no”. While it is generally true that there is nothing to stop you from dating someone new, there are some factors to consider in taking a cautious approach to re-entering the dating …

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Safely Dating After Your Separation

In Relationships, Separation & Divorce by Sarah Hink

Dating after a separation can be an intimidating prospect. Gone is the comfort and complacency of your prior relationship. Instead, we have to open ourselves up to the whole dating game again. This involves the nerves, the possibility of rejection, the awkward silences, and the waiting for an eternity to hear back from the person you went on a date with. However, the payoff for these risks is the prospect of finding love and companionship again. But dating again also raises the issue of your emotional and physical safety. When weighing whether to take the plunge again, please think over the following. Are you emotionally ready to date again? This is a critical question. It is entirely possible to put yourself out there too soon. Be sure that you really …

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Dating After Divorce: Tips and What to Expect

In Separation & Divorce by Jennifer Bordeaux

Valentine’s Day has just passed and if you’re separated or divorced, romantic dinners, red roses and heart-shaped boxes full of chocolates were probably the last thing you wanted to think about. However, there will come a time that you may feel you’re ready to get “back in saddle” and re-enter the dating world in search of that companion that will renew your faith in love and happiness, but that may be a little easier said than done. The pace and expectations of today’s dating scene may be quite a bit different than they were the last time you went on a date. What is expected on the first date? Is texting ok? Is the guy still expected to pay? What if this date is a waste of time? Re-entering the …

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Do’s and Don’ts for Dating After Divorce

In Separation & Divorce by Angela Kelley

With Valentine’s Day just a few weeks away, the media is bombarding us all with ads for candy, flowers, jewelry and gifts. So it makes sense that we are all a little more focused on love these days.  But as someone recently divorced or just getting back into the dating scene after a long break, you might naturally feel some anxiety or confusion about what to do in our ever-changing world. Here are a few quick tips to help you get back on track if you are interested in rejuvenating your love life: Make Self- Care Your #1 Priority: Before you even consider dating anyone, you must first make a practice of being kind to your self on a daily basis. This self-care can be as simple as taking a …