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Restoring Your Credit After a Messy Divorce

In Separation & Divorce, Wealth by Elizabeth Stephenson

There is often a correlation between financial struggles and marital struggles. When a couple goes into debt, problems seem to escalate. The pressure of having no money, of making bad financial decision, of having to sell property, and of harassing creditor calls can make any small argument somehow become explosive. The day-to-day pressure can ultimately end a marriage. When the dust of a divorce clears, and equitable distribution proceedings have been completed, you may find yourself with a poor credit score. This can be attributed to several factors: You were already financially struggling prior to your separation. Due to poor choices with money and excessive borrowing, you and/or your spouse were already overwhelmed with debt. Divorce proceedings do not fix or alleviate financial problems. Separation and divorce can be costly, …

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Protecting Your Credit from a Spiteful Ex

In Domestic Violence, Separation & Divorce by Sarah Hink

A period of separation can be a time of spite and poor decisions. At New Direction Family Law, we see no shortage of bad breakups and the resulting misbehavior. One way that this manifests itself is with money. Property division, alimony, and child support are some of the most bitter battles in family law. So it isn’t entirely surprising when one spouse tries to punish the other by trying to destroy their credit. Tampering with another person’s credit is unlawful, yet this does little to deter a person set on revenge. The impact of identity theft can range from annoying to financially devastating, as it can affect your ability to borrow money, buy a home, rent an apartment, or even obtain employment. Therefore, we would suggest you remain vigilant and …