Transitioning the Kids Back to School

In Child Custody by Elizabeth Stephenson

The end of the Summer is a bittersweet time for parents. On some level, you’re ready to resume the consistency and structure of the school year; while simultaneously feeling like your time with the kids is about to become much more limited. Children experience similar internal conflicts, where they are nervous about new teachers and sad about the lack of freedom, while also excited to see their friends again.

Fortunately, your children have you to help guide them into the new school year. With a thoughtful approach, you can definitely put them in a position to hit the ground running toward a productive school year.

  1. Transition your children’s internal clocks back to school hours. Children tend to stay up later and wake up later during the summer. Start enforcing an earlier and earlier bedtime in the weeks leading to the first day of school, and set their wake up alarms early in the morning to get them accustomed to waking up before the sun rises.
  2. If your family has limits on “screen time” (i.e. social media, video games, and television), then it is a good idea to begin transitioning toward those limits. Your children will constantly test these limits, so it is important to remain aware of their habits and their access to their electronic devices if you want to actually enforce limits.
  3. Double check your children’s summer reading lists to make sure that they have reached their goals. There are few activities that can keep their minds sharp as frequently reading to them or encouraging them to read on their own.
  4. Get involved with their school. Check your emails for messages from the school, teachers, or parent-teacher organizations regarding orientations, parent volunteer opportunities, initial parent-teacher meetings, or recommended reading that your kids should complete prior to the school year. Making yourself known to the teachers as a thoughtful and involved parent can create a layer of accountability between the teachers and your children.

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