Tips for Child Proofing Your New Home

In Child Custody, Parenting by Elizabeth Stephenson

When couples divorce in North Carolina, they must live in separate residences for a year before they can seek a divorce decree from a court. While divorce is a significant and sad life experience, the prospect of moving into a new apartment or home can be a positive step toward moving forward. Further, furnishing and fixing up your new place can be a healthy distraction from your worries.

If you have young children and plan to have overnight visits with them, then it is a good idea to take child proofing seriously. Here are some friendly ideas on where to start.

  • If you have any heavy furniture, like a television stand, dresser, or shelf, make sure that it is anchored to a stud in the wall behind it. Anchors come with many types of freestanding furniture and can also be purchased at a hardware store. It is time well spent to ensure that heavy furniture does not accidentally fall onto your child.
  • If you insist on owning firearms, make sure that you take extra steps to ensure that they are fully secured and locked up so that your children cannot access the weapons or the ammunition.
  • Make sure that any power tools, knives, and heavy equipment are not accessible to young kids.
  • Install safety gates at the top of any staircase and make sure there are child locks on the appropriate doors. Importantly, if you home or apartment has a pool, make sure that there are secure gates around that pool and test them to make sure your child cannot directly access the water.
  • If your new home has a fire extinguisher, make sure that it is not expired. If it is expired, be sure to purchase a new fire extinguisher from a hardware store. These are not as expensive as you may think and may really save your property one day.
  • If you hear annoying “chirping” coming from your smoke detectors, avoid the urge to knock them off the ceiling with a broom handle. Buy 9-volt batteries and check the expiration dates of your smoke detectors. Replace them if they are expired.

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