The Practicalities of Reaching an Agreement

In Separation & Divorce by Elizabeth Stephenson

In fact, prolonged legal battles can be prohibitively expensive for both sides, especially if issues must be resolved at trial. Worse, constant fighting over children, property, and support can create a state of uncertain limbo that can tremendously impact your mental health and your children’s well being. This is why it benefits you to weigh the possibility of an agreement to settle as many issues as possible.

You Can Move Forward

 For practical purposes, separations involve a lot of decisions and a ton of work. There are practical matters, such as one or both spouses packing up to move, finding separate homes and paying for those new living arrangements, figuring out where the children will sleep and whether they have to change schools, and paying existing bills.

A separation agreement is an enforceable contract between separating spouses that can address child custody, spousal support, child support, property division, and nearly any other order necessary to facilitate a peaceful separation. If spouses can find their way past their anger and reach an agreement, they can begin the process of moving forward with their lives. Instead, they can focus their attentions on the children, on healing, and on all of the aforementioned tasks that must be completed.

Agreements Save Both Spouses Money

Parties can save a lot of money on court costs and attorneys fees by avoiding contentious litigation. Ultimately, this leaves more money and property for both parties, instead of draining marital and separate property to pay for the lawsuit.

Agreements are Better for Children 

It should go without saying that conflict is bad for children. Their worlds have already been rocked by the dissolution of their parent’s marriage and even the healthiest of divorces will have long-term emotional and developmental effects on the children. Therefore, an amicable agreement helps the children begin to heal and have some confidence that everything will be alright.

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