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The Healing in Spring Cleaning

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The Healing in Spring Cleaning | New Direction Family Law Wake CountyIt’s Spring!

The flowers are starting to bloom. The birds are singing. The yearning for a fresh start is bubbling just beneath the surface. The invitation for rebirth and creation and aliveness is whispering its sweet strains of promise and hope. It’s an invitation that reminds us that closed doors are simply opportunities to open windows, and that caterpillars turn into butterflies. It’s an invitation that is never more poignant than in the wake of a divorce.

After facing the murky waters of unmet expectations, competing demands and shattered dreams, you yearn for a new beginning. For forward movement, a new vision, and there’s no better way to launch yourself towards this new beginning than to Spring clean!

But I’m not talking about the ordinary Spring cleaning of vacuuming under the furniture and washing the windows. I’m talking about Spring cleaning that is going to bring about a change within you, that is going to change how you feel.

This kind of Spring cleaning is based on the premise that all of your belongings have energy. And if you surround yourself with belongings that have positive energy, your own energy will be uplifted. And when your own energy is uplifted, you WILL feel better! Decisions will become easier. New opportunities will be more apparent, and life will seem brighter!

So where do you start?

What does this kind of Spring cleaning look like?

  1. Set your intention. The WHY of your Spring cleaning. For example, “I am Spring cleaning with the intention of letting go of any belongings that evoke painful memories.” Be sure to write your intention down!
  2. Begin in your bedroom. Bedrooms are often times symbolic of love and relationships, and this isn’t going to change! I still want your bedroom to represent love and relationship, but not love for somebody else. Love for yourself! This is your opportunity to create a space that screams YOU! A space this is filled with the colors and patterns and belongings that nurture your soul.

Look around. What do you need to remove? What is heavy or draining of your energy? What can change? A new set of sheets? A fresh coat of paint?

  1. Continue into your closet. While you’re in your closet, weed out those clothes that don’t align with the intention you set when you began Spring cleaning. Weed out the clothes that don’t make you feel your absolute best TODAY! Make space for a wardrobe that is going to put that sway back into your step.
  2. Continue into your bathroom. Ask yourself this question: What does my life require right now? Then let go of anything not required! Do you have old medications that are no longer needed or are expired? Old toiletries? Toiletries that aren’t yours?
  3. Tackle your public spaces (while keeping in mind your kids!) When creating the space for new beginnings, it’s so important to clear your home with the things that are reminders of past hurts. Again, you want to surround yourself with things that have positive energy. The question becomes how do you do that when you have kids? How do you create an environment that is nurturing and supports you moving forward, but also honors your children and supports their relationship with their other parent?

Displayed photographs is one of the best examples for finding this balance between your feelings and your children’s. Removing any family or couple pictures from your room or private spaces which feel painful is a necessity. However, according to Dr. Deborah Gilboa, it is important to allow kids to keep any photos in their rooms that they would like. It is also a good idea to select a few family photos to remain in common areas. Over time you may consider replacing these photos with current pictures of your family. This may be pictures of you and your kids, and then pictures of your kids and their other parent. In this way, you honor both what feels authentic to you, as well as the relationship your children have with their other parent.

I realize this may all sound overwhelming. Change isn’t always easy, but neither is staying stuck.

So what do you say? Are you ready for a little Spring cleaning? Are you ready to infuse your home with some positive energy? Then commit to taking one action today. Let go of one belonging that is standing between you and a new life that is calling your name.


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