The Effects of Domestic Violence on Your Children

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Domestic violence in a relationship is dangerous and can be deadly. While victims suffer both emotional and physical trauma from an abusive relationship, the impact of the violence on children must also be considered. During these formative times in their development, children need stability, safety, and trust. Unfortunately, the presence of domestic violence—whether it is occurs in the child’s presence or not—can throw a giant monkey wrench into all of these critical childhood needs.

If this topic is relevant to your current relationship, consider the following:

Domestic violence can be incredibly dangerous to children. While you love your children, domestic violence situations involve heightened emotions and bad decisions. This means that an abuser is not acting in children’s best interest and is putting them at great risk of harm; further, a victim is in a limited position to protect them. Any child advocate will tell you that it is very common to hear stories of children getting caught in the crossfire of domestic altercations.

Domestic violence creates a lasting emotional and psychological trauma for children. If you witnessed domestic violence as a child, think about the impact it had on your life. When children witness or are aware of domestic violence between their parents, it not only creates incredible emotional trauma, but it also normalizes violence as a part of relationships. This can often translate to mental health issues when children get older, as well as increases the likelihood that they will enter into abusive relationships themselves.

Domestic violence can remove you from your children’s lives. Whether it is due to criminal convictions and incarceration, a limitation or termination of your parental rights, or because the domestic violence has resulted in your incapacity or death, domestic violence has a high potential to keep you away from your children. You love your children and the last thing you want is to lose them, or for them to lose you as their parent.

Seek Help

If you are in a violent relationship, seek help for yourself and for your children. There are National and local resources available to help you.

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