The Benefits of Volunteering

In Community, Lifestyle by Elizabeth Stephenson

No one lives a perfectly happy, problem-free life. If you are reading this blog, there is a chance that you are experiencing a pretty challenging separation, divorce, or child custody situation. As difficult as the circumstances of our lives are, it sometimes helps to put things into perspective of other people’s lives, or to simply find positive ways of focusing our attention. At New Direction Family Law, our team has a lot of experience volunteering in the community, and we highly recommend you try it.

Expand Your Living Experience

There are many reasons that people love to volunteer. It allows us to challenge ourselves. By choosing volunteer opportunities that are outside of our comfort zone, we expand our living experience. For example, if you volunteer with the elderly population, you may have some really enlightening conversations and hear amazing life stories. Further, by witnessing how other people live through adversity, we may learn important lessons on how to overcome our own challenges.

You may learn something really new and interesting about yourself. As an example, if you volunteer to help plan a fundraiser, such as a charity dinner, toy drive, or a benefit race, you might discover that you are very good at event planning. People have changed careers as a result of volunteering. In addition, volunteering can be fun, can feel good, can make you get out of the house, and can be a great way of meeting new people. Whatever your motivation to volunteer may be, look at it this way: it is an excellent mechanism of self-care.

Volunteer Opportunities

There are literally hundreds of different volunteer opportunities for you to choose from in a wide range of topic areas. In fact, if you live in Durham and the surrounding counties, visit The Triangle Nonprofit & Volunteer Leadership Center web site, which has a search engine that lists many ongoing and one-time volunteer opportunities at area non-profit organizations. These include opportunities to volunteer in a Children’s Surgery wait room, as a “Cat and Kitten Schmoozer”, as a Special Olympics coach, or as a Red Cross volunteer to help families displaced by fires. In addition, you might consider volunteering for Habitat for Humanity and literally build houses for people in need, volunteering feeding the homeless, or simply help deliver meals for Meals on Wheels.

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