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Notorious M.O.M. In Celebration of Women’s History Month

In Parenting by Elizabeth Stephenson

“Notorious” – def. – famous or well know, typically for some bad quality or deed. As a family law attorney for almost 17 years, I’ve had the distinct honor of advocating on behalf of some amazing M.O.M.s .  In celebration of women’s history month, I want to give a shout out to all the women who sacrifice so much. Although I find great fulfillment in my law career, it doesn’t compare to being a mom to my amazing son.  Yes, each M.O.M. is Notorious in her own unique and special way, and I define that as having the ability to laugh at our mistakes, be a bit mischievous when called for, live in the moment because childhood goes by in a flash, bring out your momma bear when needed, and …