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How to File a Restraining Order in North Carolina

In Domestic Violence by Sarah Hink

A majority of women will experience physical abuse at some time in their life, and most likely at the hands of an intimate partner.  While not nearly as common, men too can be the victims of domestic violence.  While it is easy for us outside of the relationships to say we would leave at the first act of abuse, there are actually strong emotional and psychological forces that keep victims with their abuser. Many victims are economically dependent on the abuser and have been isolated from family members or friends who would be able to provide extra support.  There are cultural and religious constraints that may keep these relationships together, the desire to stay together for the children, and hope that the abuser will one day change. If you are …

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Should Santa Put a Pet Under the Tree?

In Lifestyle by Beth Schulman

With the holidays right around the corner, everyone has gift-giving on the brain. Most will hit the mall or shop online for more traditional gifts, but some of you may be considering giving someone on your list a pet. Or if your family dynamic has recently changed due to situations such as separation, divorce, children moving out, etc., you may be considering getting a pet for yourself. The idea of giving a pet as a gift has a certain appeal to it. Studies have shown having a pet has all sorts of benefits, both mentally and physically. Who wouldn’t want to do that for someone they love or as an unconditional source of companionship? While the “gifter” always has good intentions, there can be unplanned consequences for the “giftee.” There …

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October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month in Wake County

In Domestic Violence by Jennifer Bordeaux

Be InterActive this Fall Trees are sprinkled with rich hues of auburn, burnt orange and gold. Front porches begin to glow with iconic Halloween images, and children (and adults) are excited to dress up as their favorite super hero, TV character or movie star—you’ve realized it’s October. Now imagine for a minute that instead of planning for fun Fall activities, you live in daily fear of a controlling and abusive spouse or significant other. All you wish for is finding safety for you and your family, but you don’t know where to turn or who can help. But there is hope, safety and healing and it can be found at InterAct. InterAct is a private, non-profit agency that has been providing safety, support and awareness for victims and survivors of …