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Suicide Prevention and Getting Help

In Health by Sarah Hink

The tragic and shocking passing of popular designer Kate Spade and Superstar Chef and Travel Host Anthony Bourdain have left countless fans stunned and heartbroken. It has also served as a sobering reminder that suicide does not discriminate and that even people who seemingly “have it all” can desperately need help. In fact, following the death of Mrs. Spade and Mr. Bourdain, suicide prevention hotlines experienced a dramatic spike in calls. This is natural because high profile suicides bring about a national conversation and around the clock media attention. If rich popular celebrities are susceptible to mental health crises, this leaves uncertainty about our own mental health and that of the people we care for. Seeking Help For Yourself There are people in your life that love you and want you …

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Seeking Help for Suicidal Thoughts

In Health by Elizabeth Stephenson

By now, you have probably heard the story of Michelle Carter, a teenager from Massachusetts who was accused of convincing her boyfriend, Conrad Roy III, to follow through with his threats of suicide. When her case went to trial, the evidence revealed that her boyfriend had informed her of his plan to kill himself by filling his truck with toxic gas. Instead of seeking outside help or trying to prevent his suicide, Carter wrote Roy numerous messages encouraging him to kill himself. Even worse, Carter texted Roy to “get back in” the truck when he had second thoughts and had exited his truck. Carter was convicted of involuntary manslaughter. Suicide is a real and prevalent problem that causes devastating losses for families, friends, and communities. What Michelle Carter did was …