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Alimony and Social Media

In Separation & Divorce, Wealth by Carly Baker

The social media era has veered us into a brave new world of over-sharing our lives. With Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and Twitter at our fingertips, it is so easy to instantaneously transmit our words, photos, and videos to everyone we’ve ever known. Unfortunately, this access has also led to countless careers and lives ruined. Just look at James Gunn, the Guardians of the Galaxy director whose years-old vulgar Tweets cost him his job, or at swimmer Ryan Lochte, whose swimming career has possibly ended due to an Instagram he posted while receiving a prohibited IV treatment. The risks that are associated with social media also come into play when it comes to resolving the end of a marriage. North Carolina Divorces are No-Fault When couples divorce in North Carolina, they …

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Divorce and Child Custody in the Social Media Era

In Separation & Divorce by Elizabeth Stephenson

Texting, WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat. Every year there seems to be some new social media medium to communicate with everyone you have ever met. It is hard to remember the days when you had to see someone in person, call them on a landline telephone, or write a letter to communicate. The point is that communication has changed in the digital era. When it comes to separations, divorces, and child custody battles, the digital age has become a real factor in the courtroom. How Social Media Has Changed Communication There are several factors that make digital and social media communication different. The first is the speed with which we communicate. If somebody says or does something that we do not like, we have the ability to instantly respond …