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Parenting as a Single Father

In Child Custody by Sarah Hink

Managing a work-life balance can be a real challenge when you have children. You feel an overwhelming obligation to put food on the table and to make sure that all of their needs are met; while at the same time, feeling guilt that you are spending too much time away from them during such an amazing time in their lives. This is especially true if you are a single father caring for your children. If you are a single father, we appreciate you and want you to be successful with the following five tips. Notice your kids and communicate, communicate, communicate. As kids grow older, it can become a lot harder to read their feelings or get them to share their thoughts with you. Don’t assume by their silence that …

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Self-Care Suggestions for Fathers

In Child Custody, Health by Elizabeth Stephenson

When you are a single father, you can get pulled in a lot of directions: role model, provider, co-parent, friend, and co-worker, to name a few. If your separation or divorce occurred recently, you find yourself in new and uncharted territory. You are likely stressed about finances, trying to navigate your own emotions, working out a custody and visitation plan, and trying to find a way to co-exist with your child’s mother. Even more importantly, as much as you are struggling with a separation or divorce, you are painfully aware that your child is experiencing grief and loss as well. You are therefore trying to be a good parent to a sad and confused child. You try to do the right things and say the perfect words to reassure them …