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Divorce and Remaining Connected with Your Career

In Separation & Divorce by Carly Baker

When you are at the end of a relationship and have separated, life can feel incredibly unbalanced. You are dealing with the emotions of the break up, the change in your daily routines and living situation, and uncertainty for the future. There is no conceivable way that you are at your best. This is an unfortunate collateral effect that can impact the hard work and dedication you have put into building your career. Remain Connected with Your Career While taking care of your mental health is an essential part of moving forward, so is maintaining your career and your professional reputation. Therefore, even if you feel yourself just going through the motions, consider implementing the following ideas into your work life. When given the opportunity, make sure that you take …

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Alimony: What Can Be Held Against Me?

In Separation & Divorce by Sarah Hink

Alimony, also known as spousal support, is a frequently contested element of separations and divorces in North Carolina. It isn’t difficult to understand why. Separations are emotional times and are sometimes triggered by extreme animosity, so it does not help when the issue of ongoing spousal support payments arises. One spouse may feel entitled to as much support as possible, while the other completely disagrees and does not feel that they should have to pay anything. How Does Alimony Work? A court can order a “supporting” spouse to make alimony payments to a “dependent” spouse based on numerous factors set forth in the North Carolina General Statutes. These factors generally allow a court to take a step back and look at the totality of the marriage. Some of the factors …