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Transitioning the Kids Back to School

In Child Custody by Elizabeth Stephenson

The end of the Summer is a bittersweet time for parents. On some level, you’re ready to resume the consistency and structure of the school year; while simultaneously feeling like your time with the kids is about to become much more limited. Children experience similar internal conflicts, where they are nervous about new teachers and sad about the lack of freedom, while also excited to see their friends again. Fortunately, your children have you to help guide them into the new school year. With a thoughtful approach, you can definitely put them in a position to hit the ground running toward a productive school year. Transition your children’s internal clocks back to school hours. Children tend to stay up later and wake up later during the summer. Start enforcing an …

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Readjusting Your Children to School After the Summer

In Lifestyle, Parenting by Sarah Hink

The summer is an amazing time to be a child. For those on a traditional school calendar, it means no school and no homework. For some kids, summer may mean summer camps. These provide some structure for them, but also heavily revolve around having fun and going on field trips. For other kids, it means staying at home and finding ways to remain entertained. Whatever the case, there is a tremendous change in store for children when school resumes. Consider the following ideas when helping their transition. Re-accustom the children to your house and to your rules. For many children with separated parents, summer represents a time of extended visitation with their non-custodial parent. This means different physical surroundings, different people, and often-jarring differences in parenting styles and discipline. It …