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Nasty Custody Disputes: What Not to Do

In Child Custody by Sarah Hink

Disputes over child custody can get highly contested when parents aren’t able to reach agreements. This is unfortunate as everyone involved—especially the children—are experiencing their own unique trauma and have to learn on the fly how to cope. But as experienced family law attorneys, we see the anger, desperation, and poor decision making that can arise in the context of child custody, along with the horrendous consequences. We therefore urge our clients to avoid the following actions at all costs. Don’t Resort to Harassment, Stalking, or Violence Harassment, stalking, or violence have never resulted in a positive outcome for the person responsible. In fact, it is terrifying at best and deadly at its worst. If you resort to any of these actions, then you can count on three legal outcomes: …

My Spouse is Delaying Our Property Division Proceedings

In Separation & Divorce by Sarah Hink

North Carolina courts are tasked with resolving property division conflicts when couples separate and divorce. They do so by identifying marital property, determining the fair market value of the property, and determining an equitable distribution of this property based on a number of statutory factors. While this concept may sound straight forward, the reality of property division is much different. In fact, property division can become really messy. There are disputes over whether property is separate property (and thus not subject to division), the valuation of property, hidden property that one spouse did not know about, inheritance gained during the marriage, the date that property was acquired, and improper actions regarding property. Among the problems that we see is the situation when a spouse delays a property division case. Consequences …

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Father’s Day and Visitation

In Child Custody, Relationships, Separation & Divorce by Sarah Hink

Father’s Day is a special day for fathers and their children. For many dads, it is a day of celebration, relaxation, and gifts they will never use. Unfortunately, like with Mother’s Day, Father’s Day can be a day of high expectations, disappointment, and anger when parents are separated or divorced. With Father’s Day quickly approaching, consider the following advice on approaching this day in a healthy and safe way. Make Sure Your Parenting Plan Includes Father’s Day It is fairly standard for parenting plans to account for who gets the children on holidays. If you are the father, I would highly suggest informing your attorney of how important it is for you to have father’s day visitation with the children. If your parenting plan was created and approved without an …