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Protecting Your Property When You Remarry

In Separation & Divorce, Wealth by Carly Baker

If you have been divorced and plan to remarry, it is natural to want to proceed with caution. This statement holds special weight if you have been previously burned by the property division or alimony elements of a divorce. Fortunately, there are smart steps that you can take to protect yourself from repeating that history, which can give you the confidence to take the fantastic leap of getting married again. North Carolina is an Equitable Distribution State North Carolina is an “equitable distribution” state, meaning that a court will add the total market value of a couple’s marital property and distribute it between the spouses in accordance with specific statutory factors. Significantly, separate property—which is generally property that a spouse owns prior to the marriage—is not subject to this distribution. …

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The Implications of Divorce and Remarriage

In Separation & Divorce by Elizabeth Stephenson

Getting remarried after a divorce is common. We only live once and there is no rational basis to swear off relationships. Instead, it is often natural that we move on with our lives and pursue new love. There are, however, legal considerations and consequences that come with it. Absolute Divorce After One Year of Separation A common question that we hear regarding remarriage is whether there is a waiting period to remarry. Before answering this question, you must first understand how divorce works in North Carolina. Our state is an absolute divorce state, which allows a couple to obtain a no-fault divorce after being separated for a full year. This means that to get the divorce, a couple must wait a year—while living separate and apart from one another. Neither …