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Child Access in the Digital Age

In Child Custody, Parenting by Elizabeth Stephenson

The world has gotten a lot smaller in the digital age. Long gone are the days of writing letters to one another, land line phones without answering machines, or obsessing over the costs of long distance calls to people outside of your area code. Instead, we can use our cell phones to call anywhere in the entire country without any regard for long distance fees. We can instantly write to each other from almost anywhere in the world by emails, instant messenger, texting, or WhatApp. We can upload pictures, status updates, videos, and interests via social media apps like Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat. And significantly, with video conferencing apps like Skype and Facetime, we can see, hear, and interact with our friends and loved ones in real time. While we …

What if My Child Refuses Visitation?

In Child Custody, Parenting by Elizabeth Stephenson

Most visitation schedules between separated and divorced parents are reached by agreement between the parents. This is consistent with public policy and the law that it is in the best interest of children when their parents can settle their differences without resorting to litigation. When an agreement cannot be reached, a judge is then tasked with determining the terms of custody and visitation in accordance with the best interest of the child. Sometimes, however, regardless of what parents agree to or what a court orders, children refuse to visit with a parent. So what happens in this scenario? Best Interest Considers a Child’s Preference The court is required to consider a child’s best interest, which is a broad, yet almost universally applied standard in custody and visitation decisions. The North …