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Can a Child’s Name Be Changed

In Child Custody, Parenting by Elizabeth Stephenson

When a family experiences major life circumstances changes, there comes a need to move in a different direction. In the context of a divorce, a woman may choose to change her legal name back to a prior name. Sometimes, a custodial parent wants to change a child’s legal name to reflect their new circumstances. In order to accomplish this, there are certain conditions that the parent must meet. First: Petition for Name Change The state of North Carolina has a procedure that allows for a parent to pursue a minor child’s legal name change from a court. The first step is for the parent to file a Petition for Name Change, which is a legal document that must be signed and notarized. In addition, the parent must bring identification, the …

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Changing Your Child’s Name

In Child Custody, Parenting, Separation & Divorce by Sarah Hink

Our names are very important to us. They are a reflection of our families, of our heritage, of our marriages. There are times, however, when it is necessary or desirable to change one’s name. This is true of adults and children alike. North Carolina law therefore allows for legal name changes if certain conditions are met. Changing A Child’s Legal Name If a child is a product of marriage, or if the biological father is on the child’s birth certificate, the child will almost always take the father’s last name. However, a child’s parent, legal guardian, or court appointed guardian ad litem can file a petition to change the name of the child. The general rule is that an application to change a child’s name must be consented to by …

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To Keep or Change Your Name?

In Lifestyle, Separation & Divorce by Elizabeth Stephenson

A marriage is a long-term relationship that becomes a part of our identities. Your spouse is your lover and friend, you are parents together, and your extended families and friends all blend and overlap. For many women, marriage also came with a name change. This is how you are legally known, how many of your friends know you, or how you have come to be known professionally. It is therefore a common dilemma for women to struggle with the decision whether to change their name upon divorce. Should You Keep Your Name? There truly is no wrong answer to this question, as you must decide for yourself. One reason that some women choose to resume a former last name is because they do not feel that their married name reflects …