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Advice for a Happy Mother’s Day

In Uncategorized by Sarah Hink

If you are separated from the mother of your child, Mother’s Day can be a very emotional day. You aren’t with your children, you are being excluded from a family celebration, and you have memories of when you all used to celebrate this occasion together. It is natural to have a lot of feelings on this specific day. As a single father on Mother’s Day, we would suggest that you heed the following advice. Most custody orders and agreements account for whom the children will spend holidays with. Mothers will get Mother’s Day, while fathers will get Father’s Day. It is important to abide by any custody agreement or order. Failure to abide by your agreement or orders can have serious long-term consequences. Understand that personal-issues aside, your children need …

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Mother’s Day and Custody Conflicts

In Child Custody, Domestic Violence, Separation & Divorce by Elizabeth Stephenson

Mother’s Day. A day to celebrate mothers. Their love, their sacrifices, and everything they do for us. Sounds pretty straightforward, right? Unfortunately, when it comes to separated or divorced parents, Mother’s Day is far from a simple holiday. When parents split custody, Mother’s Day can take on a whole new meaning. For the mother, it can mean spending a peaceful day with the kids. It is an opportunity for mom who works so hard to know that her kids love and appreciate her. On the other hand, for the father, it can be a day of nostalgia—of great sentimentality in which he remembers better times with his family. The day can be a reminder of warm memories that he shared and celebrated with the mother of his children. Some Simple …