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Health Insurance and Medical Support for Children

In Child Support by Sarah Hink

Obtaining adequate health care coverage for your children is a big deal as a parent—you always want to be sure that your children are covered if they have pre-existing medical conditions or in the event of a medical emergency. Unfortunately, the cost of health care continues to rise in this country. Further, there is continued legislative uncertainty regarding the Affordable Care Act. It is therefore in your interest to understand how the laws in North Carolina address children’s health care and medical expenses when it comes to child support.  Medical Support By Agreement or Order Under North Carolina General Statute 50-13.11, parents can either agree or a court can order one or both parents to pay for a child’s “medical, hospital, dental, or other health care related expenses.” These can …

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Understanding Medical Support for Children

In Child Support, Health, Separation & Divorce by Sarah Hink

Health care for children is expensive. If your children are in daycare or in school, you are well aware that they are exposed to cesspool of germs on a daily basis, leading to many random doctor appointments and clinic visits throughout the school year. If your child has any health emergency, you are aware that taking a child to the emergency room for any reason will result in an enormous medical bill. And if your child has any form of ongoing medical condition or specialized needs, you understand that medical care can become downright unaffordable on your own. Courts May Enter Orders for Medical Support of Minor Children In addition to standard child support, the law recognizes that children have medical needs and that courts must consider the expenses of …