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Working and Divorce

In Separation & Divorce, Wealth by Sarah Hink

Everyone wants it all: love, a happy family, children, a sense of greater purpose, community, career success, and wealth. In reality, a lot of people discover that for them, the concept of a work-life balance to be a complete sham. Even the most organized and “put-together” people have trouble meeting their own expectations when it comes to the demands of marriage, children, and career. It becomes even harder to find any sort of satisfactory balance when you are experiencing a separation and divorce. It is, however, possible to take steps to adjust and survive with your career intact. Know your limits. First, it is important to acknowledge that you are in a traumatic process and that you are not at your best. This means that you have permission to do …

Celebrating Labor Day

In Health, Lifestyle by Elizabeth Stephenson

The History of Labor Day September 4, 2017 is Labor Day! While many see it simply as another day off, or the kids’ first day off after school starts, the day is actually one of civic significance. Beginning in the 1880’s, there was a national movement amongst labor unions which sought recognition, better treatment, improved working conditions, and laws to regulate employers. This movement consisted of demonstrations, parades, and worker strikes. In May 1894, there was a national railroad worker’s strike, which would come to be known as the Pullman Strike. In response to a reduction in wages, workers for a railway car company effectively shut down half of the country’s rail line, leading to a show of force by the U.S. Army and the U.S. Marshall’s Office. The devastating …