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Health Insurance and Medical Support for Children

In Child Support by Sarah Hink

Obtaining adequate health care coverage for your children is a big deal as a parent—you always want to be sure that your children are covered if they have pre-existing medical conditions or in the event of a medical emergency. Unfortunately, the cost of health care continues to rise in this country. Further, there is continued legislative uncertainty regarding the Affordable Care Act. It is therefore in your interest to understand how the laws in North Carolina address children’s health care and medical expenses when it comes to child support.  Medical Support By Agreement or Order Under North Carolina General Statute 50-13.11, parents can either agree or a court can order one or both parents to pay for a child’s “medical, hospital, dental, or other health care related expenses.” These can …

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Is it Time for a Child Support Tune-up?

In Child Support by Elizabeth Stephenson

High school graduation is done, summer is now upon us, and a new school year is right around the corner, so this may be the perfect time to review your current child support order or agreement. Why? Because in North Carolina child support generally terminates when a child turns 18 or graduates from high school (whichever comes last). Additionally, with summer and a new school year coming up, you may have increased expenses associated with your visitation or work-related child care. All of these may be reasons to review your current child support agreement and determine if a modification is in order. If there have been changes in your gross incomes, increased expenses related to visitation, child care, or your child’s health insurance, or other extraordinary expenses, click here to …