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Consequences of Hiding Assets

In Separation & Divorce, Wealth by Sarah Hink

Nobody is at his or her best at the end of a marriage. Honestly, how can anyone be? The once promising, long-term commitment has become unsustainable and painful. Too often, people make a bad situation worse by behaving badly in order to “win” or punish their spouse. One form of bad behavior is hiding assets during equitable distribution proceedings. North Carolina divides marital property through equitable distribution. In an equitable distribution proceeding, each spouse produces an inventory of all property that he or she classifies as “marital” property. This is property—excluding certain gifts and inheritances—that was acquired by either spouse during the course of the marriage. The court takes the total market value of all marital property and divides it in an “equitable” manner based on numerous factors. Of course, …

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Is it Possible to Request a New Judge?

In Child Custody, Separation & Divorce by Sarah Hink

When you are going through a separation and divorce and are unable to come to agreements regarding the important issues of child custody, property division, child support, or alimony, then you will need to file a lawsuit to ask a court to make these decision. Unfortunately, people sometimes feel that they got a “tough” judge, or feel like their judge doesn’t like them and will therefore give them an unfavorable ruling. For people who are unhappy with the judge in their case, it is natural to ask whether it is possible to request a new judge. While it is possible to request a new uudge, it is neither common nor is it advisable unless very specific circumstances apply as to your judge. As a preliminary matter, you must first understand …