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Black Friday and Our Need For Distractions

In Health, Lifestyle by Elizabeth Stephenson

For many, Thanksgiving is a time for family, food, and football. For others, it is just the day before Black Friday, the ultimate frenzy of overnight lineups for doorbuster deals, big savings on items we would otherwise have no desire to purchase, and debt. Some people spend the days and weeks prior to Black Friday looking at ads, compiled lists of deals, and message board rumors. Making matters worse, many retailers open on Thanksgiving Day, which changes the entire focus of the day for shoppers and for the unfortunate employees of those companies. This is immediately followed up by retailers’ second bite at the apple: Cyber Monday. While everybody loves a good deal, Black Friday and Cyber Monday have become reflective of a greater problem: Our incessant need to distract …

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Healthy Grieving for a Better Tomorrow

In Health, Lifestyle by Sarah Hink

Every person who goes through the experience of a separation and divorce suffers. What was believed to be a forever relationship, “till death do us part”, has ended, along with all of the hopes and dreams that you had a couple before your marriage. It is the often-messy conclusion of a significant relationship, which for some people, has lasted a significant portion of their adult lives. In addition, it is easy to lose one’s identity when your relationship ends, as amongst your family, friends, and social circles you have been known in the context of a married couple and not as individuals. At New Direction Family Law, we have witnessed twenty years of people coping with separation and divorce, and have seen healthy behavior and incredibly unhealthy behavior. Please consider …