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Child Support and Fighting Paternity

In Child Support by Carly Baker

Before the era of viral tweets and “memes” on the internet, there were the Maury Povich and Jerry Springer shows, which featured a parade of over-the-top individuals egged on by rabid audiences to behave badly. It made for great, train-wreck television. One of the most popular segments of these shows was often the “Is he the father?” segments in which multiple alleged fathers were confronted by the mother of a child, followed by the live “reveal” of the paternity testing. Often when Maury or Jerry would state “you are NOT the father,” the crowd would go wild and the man would start dancing. It was ridiculous, inappropriate, and highly entertaining at the same time. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said of real life, where questions of paternity are no joke. …

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Ending a Child Support Obligation

In Child Support by Elizabeth Stephenson

Parents should financially support their children. That is not a controversial statement. In fact, the state of North Carolina explicitly requires that a “father and mother shall be primarily liable for the support of a minor child.” It is understandable, however, that as a minor child approaches adulthood, the parent paying child support begins an internal countdown to the day that the child support obligation ends. For many parents, it is a commonly held belief that their court ordered child support obligation ends when their child turns eighteen. After all, kids become adults at eighteen years of age, right? In the world of child support in North Carolina, the answer is not that simple. The North Carolina General Statutes set forth the exact conditions in which a child support obligation …