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Divorce and Remaining Connected with Your Career

In Separation & Divorce by Carly Baker

When you are at the end of a relationship and have separated, life can feel incredibly unbalanced. You are dealing with the emotions of the break up, the change in your daily routines and living situation, and uncertainty for the future. There is no conceivable way that you are at your best. This is an unfortunate collateral effect that can impact the hard work and dedication you have put into building your career. Remain Connected with Your Career While taking care of your mental health is an essential part of moving forward, so is maintaining your career and your professional reputation. Therefore, even if you feel yourself just going through the motions, consider implementing the following ideas into your work life. When given the opportunity, make sure that you take …

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Resuming Your Career After Divorce

In Lifestyle, Separation & Divorce by Elizabeth Stephenson

For many married women, difficult choices are made when the couple starts a family. For women who are in college or are working when they decide to have children, a frequent dilemma arises. This dilemma is whether to continue working or whether to stay home and raise the children. Though not nearly as common, sometimes it is a father who will stay home to care for the children. Fortunately, the laws in North Carolina treat both spouses as equal contributors to a marriage. What this means is that even though a husband may earn a salary and financially support the family, the law sees the wife’s hard work and incredible responsibilities of raising the children and maintaining the household affords the husband the opportunity to earn money in the workforce. …

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Returning to the Workforce After Divorce? Take Charge of Your Future

In Separation & Divorce by Potential Essential

Separation or divorce comes with a whirlwind of life changes, and some are more welcome than others. In some cases, change includes taking charge of your financial future by returning to a career, starting out new in a fresh career, or looking for part time opportunities to build financial stability. In any situation, seeking a job can be stressful and feel overwhelming. We are here to tell you: you can do it! And this can be a really fulfilling part of discovering the new you, and what you’re capable of. What we most frequently see when working with women on their career journey is a lack of confidence in their abilities. What we never see is a lack of skills or experience. You’ve gained so much experience and abilities in …