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A Band-Aid for Your Heart

In Health by Elizabeth Stephenson

Ninety-seven years ago, in September 1920, Earle Dickson had an idea. As a Johnson and Johnson employee, he was frustrated by how difficult the company’s large tape bandages were to apply to small cuts. Inspired by treating his wife’s small cuts and burns at home, Mr. Dickson decided to cut and place gauze onto strips of tape and apply them precisely on the wounds. Johnson and Johnson liked the idea and eventually begin selling this product, but with only moderate success. After some design tweaks, the product took off, and “BAND-AID’s” became a household name, synonymous with protecting and healing wounds. Healing Your Heart Separations and divorces can feel like deep emotional cuts, and we all wish a BAND-AID could make things better. Unfortunately, when you are heartbroken, there is …