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Understanding Attorney-Client Privilege

In Child Custody, Separation & Divorce by Sarah Hink

The attorney client relationship is an incredibly important one. In order to navigate the legal system, an attorney is an absolute necessity in most proceedings. However, for that representation to be effective, a client and attorney must be able to freely speak about a case. This allows an attorney to provide comprehensive and thorough legal advice. Significantly, an attorney must have all the information necessary to provide effective legal representation. The Attorney Client Privilege The attorney-client privilege is one of the hallmarks of the American legal system. It is also one of the primary mechanisms that allows for free communication between a client and an attorney. In North Carolina, Rule of Professional Conduct 1.6(a) states that: A lawyer shall not reveal information acquired during the professional relationship with a client …

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There is No Such Thing as a Stupid Question

In Child Custody, Child Support, Separation & Divorce by Elizabeth Stephenson

In our experience, we meet many clients who are initially anxious or nervous about meeting with us for the first time. This is because of false impressions perpetuated by decades of cheesy television commercials, Law and Order defense attorneys, and movies that portray lawyers as smarmy, over-the-top, super-aggressive people. An unfortunate consequence of this misimpression is that nervous clients are afraid to ask important questions that are weighing them, or they are afraid to speak up when they do not understand something. Let me assure you that you have nothing to fear from us. If you retain us as your attorneys, we are here to serve you and want to do the best job we possibly can for you. At New Direction Family Law, we believe that open attorney-client communication …

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Meeting With Your Attorney? Here’s How You Can Prepare

In Uncategorized by Sarah Hink

Are you meeting with your new attorney for the first time? Are you feeling nervous or unprepared? Don’t worry. At New Direction Family Law, we have represented clients for 20 years, and your feelings are completely natural and normal. But think about why you called an attorney: because you need help from a professional. Your attorney works for you, and wants to be successful in representing you. In order for this attorney client relationship to be successful, there are several steps you can do in advance of your initial meeting. If you are have been served with a separation, divorce, child custody, or child support petition, bring a copy of every piece of paper you have received. Your attorney will need this information in order to obtain records from the clerk …