Summer Fun with the Kids

In Lifestyle, Parenting by Sarah Hink

Summer is a great time for children. School is out, they spend more time with siblings and friends, and some get to change up their routines and attend summer camp. For parents, summer is a different experience. It can be a ridiculous struggle to get your child to put down their iPhone or PlayStation 4 controller. While every parent loves their children, summer takes a lot of planning and expense to find new ways to entertain and intellectually stimulate your children. As the summer winds down, it is time to take advantage of your remaining weeks before school resumes and have some summer fun.

  • Bring your children to eat ice cream! Ice cream is the best, especially in these hot summer months. In fact, July was National Ice Cream Month. Try the Parlour in Durham, which has a constantly changing menu of delicious handmade ice creams and desserts. Or if you truly want to be adventurous, get the kids in the care and try to visit the thirty best ice cream shops in North Carolina.
  • Go to an amusement park. There are few family activities as synonymous with summer as water parks and amusement parks. Try going to Carowinds in Charlotte, which has an incredible assortment of roller coasters, as well as its own waterpark. Or gather your swimsuits and towels and head to Wet and Wild in Greensboro for wave pools, a lazy river, and tons or rides.
  • Go to the Beach. Take a day trip to the Carolina Beach Boardwalk. There you can enjoy the vintage experience of a boardwalk, as well as enjoy the view from the Ferris Wheel. Or just lounge in the sun and help the kids build an epic sandcastle.
  • Visit museums. Add some variety into your summer activities and beat the heat in the process. There are children’s museums, such as Marbles Kids Museum in Raleigh or Discover Place in Charlotte. Or bring the kids on a tour of a nature or science museum, like the Museum of Life and Science in Durham. Be sure to check the museums’ calendars, as there are often fun family events and free museum days that you can take advantage of.

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