Suicide Prevention Awareness

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Suicide is not an issue that most people want to think about, much less talk about. Unfortunately, suicide is an ever-present and real problem that can impact nearly everyone—whether they are having suicidal thoughts or have loved ones who are having suicidal thoughts. At New Direction Family Law, we feel it is important to have access to the appropriate information and resources regarding this very serious topic.

Suicide Rates Are Rising

According to a research studies conducted by the University of California, Department of Sociology and the National Longitudinal Mortality Study, people who have experienced a separation or divorce are at a “much higher” risk of suicide—by nearly three times. This makes sense as the emotional trauma and turmoil that comes with the end of a significant relationship can be jarring and overwhelming for anyone.

Further, in June 2018, the Center for Disease Control released its mortality statistics, which revealed that suicide rates in this country had increased by a stunning 30% between the years 2000 through 2016. Combined, these statistics should put all of us on warning to be mindful of our mental health when going through a separation and divorce.

Resources for Help

  • Seek the advice of a professional, or obtain a therapeutic referral for a loved one. There are resources through employer Employee’s Assistance Programs (EAP), as well as therapist directories at Psychology Today and org that you can call regarding services and pricing.
  • Sometimes, a conversation with a new person can help. The Suicide Prevention Lifeline is designed to provide 24 hour support to people with suicidal thoughts or for their loved ones. The phone number is 800-273-8255.
  • In the event of a crisis, it would benefit you to visit Crisis Solutions North Carolina, which provides you with your local crisis centers by county, where you or your loved one can seek immediate professional help at any time without an appointment.

New Direction Family Law

Separations and divorces are a time of sadness and uncertainty. If you need help or know someone who needs help, contact one of the aforementioned crisis resources. If you need legal assistance, contact New Direction Family Law. Our attorneys are compassionate, intelligent, and motivated to help you resolve your legal issues so you can move forward. Contact New Direction Family Law at (919) 719-3470 to schedule a consultation, or contact us through our website.

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