Staying Active

In Health, Lifestyle, Separation & Divorce by Sarah Hink

Separations, divorces, and child custody proceedings are intense and emotional times. After all, we are asking a court to make formal decisions about the end of a long-term intimate relationship, or about the fate of our children. It is perfectly natural to grieve and to feel like you are trying to simply maintain your sanity through this state of chaos. For these reasons, it is critical to take your emotional and physical health seriously.

At New Direction Family Law, we firmly believe that maintaining a healthy mind and a healthy body are essential to moving past your separation into a positive new beginning. Here are some simple ideas to accomplish these goals through staying active.

  • Join a support group. While your separation is a deeply persona matter, it may help you to know that there are others having a similar experience. We all feel less lonely when we find people who we can relate to.
  • Join a gym. Cardiovascular activity two to three times a week can give you energy and a sense of accomplishment that you will not regret. In addition many gyms include classes and free personal training sessions as part of their monthly fees. Try new fitness classes and set personal goals for yourself.
  • Join a Meetup group. Meet strangers with similar hobbies or interests. Or find a hobby that has always interested you. You may meet some new friends and learn that you are really great at an unexpected skill!
  • Schedule regular lunches or dinners with friends. It is important to remain social, and to keep your commitments to see people. You could also plan fun nighttime activities with your friends, like karaoke or trivia nights.
  • There are literally thousands of volunteer opportunities in Wake, Johnston, Lee, Harnett, Cumberland, Nash, Granville, Franklin, and Durham counties. Take a proactive approach and find ways to contribute to the community.
  • Continue your daily routine. This is critical to the healing process. It is very easy to fall into a trap of isolating ourselves, which can become worse over time. If you and your children have a routine that includes commitments to work, school, extracurricular activities, medical appointments, and friends, do your best to keep up with all of it.

At New Direction Family Law, we believe in taking a compassionate and real world approach to your separation, divorce, or child custody dispute. We know that you are an actual person, and not a case, and that you are trying to make your way through an intense and emotional process. We have over twenty years of experience in family law and will work tirelessly to fight for your future and the best interest of your children. Call our office today at (919) 719-3470 to schedule an appointment or online at our website.