Safely Dating After Your Separation

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Dating after a separation can be an intimidating prospect. Gone is the comfort and complacency of your prior relationship. Instead, we have to open ourselves up to the whole dating game again. This involves the nerves, the possibility of rejection, the awkward silences, and the waiting for an eternity to hear back from the person you went on a date with. However, the payoff for these risks is the prospect of finding love and companionship again.

But dating again also raises the issue of your emotional and physical safety. When weighing whether to take the plunge again, please think over the following.

  • Are you emotionally ready to date again? This is a critical question. It is entirely possible to put yourself out there too soon. Be sure that you really take an honest look at yourself. Try talking to friends, members of your support system, or a therapist if you have one. Remember that you have gotten out of a significant relationship and really have an opportunity to focus on your own needs and happiness.
  • Know that the dating game has changed with social media and dating apps. There are many apps that are focused on the culture of “hooking up” instead of exploring relationships. If you choose to utilize technology to date, do some research beforehand.
  • Involve friends. If you have trusted friends who are trying to set you up, keep an open mind. Also, try changing up your dating criteria and “type”. If your prior relationship was unpleasant and you were incompatible, you can choose not to repeat that.
  • Date safely. If you are going on a blind date or with someone you have only interacted with online, make a plan. Meet at a public and visible location, like a restaurant. Also, have an exit strategy, such as a friend who can text or call you at a designated time to check in on you and give you an out.
  • If you have previously been in a violent relationship, keep your guard up. You know the warning signs. If any of these signs rear their head, break it off immediately. Contact the National Domestic Violence Hotline if you feel unsafe.
  • You are well aware of this, but keep your children’s emotional and physical well-being in mind.

No matter when you decide to date again, just follow your instincts and stay true to yourself. You have a great opportunity to move in a new direction.

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