Remaining Civil in an Uncivil Time

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We are living in a remarkably uncivil time. A vitriol that was once relegated to anonymous people saying terrible things on the internet has escalated. Now, people do not seem to have much problem putting their names behind horrible words online; or even worse, some people are emboldened to say or act in an extremely offensive manner in public.

Lines that were once completely taboo, involving common courtesy, gender, age, race, religion, disability, and nationality seem to be crossed on a daily basis on Twitter, in the news, or in a trending viral video. To make matters worse, some of us find friends and family members shocking us with closely held opinions that we wish had stayed hidden. Unfortunately, at work, at school, on social media, while shopping, at family gatherings, or while eating at a restaurant: no place seems to be a safe haven from negative people. How are we supposed to respond to this challenging time?

At New Direction Family Law, our recommendation is to remain civil in the following manner:

  1. Stay true to your values. Be confident in who you are, and don’t succumb to pressure to be someone you aren’t. You have worked your whole life to build your name and reputation. Take pride in this. Instead, focus on empathy, as well as creating healthy boundaries with unhealthy people.
  2. Don’t take the bait. If someone is intentionally trying to “troll” you, or to instigate a confrontation, either walk away or put down your phone. It isn’t worth your emotional energy, nor is it worth the risk to escalate a bad situation.
  3. You can’t un-ring a bell. If you join in or retaliate with extreme words, this can come back to haunt you. Time has proven that social media posts and emails can last forever, and can cost you your reputation and your job.
  4. Think about your children. You have a duty to guide and protect your children. You can do so by leading by example. If you succumb to negativity, your children will see that as a green light to do the same, or will mimic that behavior.

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