Random Act of Kindness Day

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There is no disputing that we are living in divisive and negative times. From television, to social media, to interpersonal interactions, there seems to be a combative dynamic on every imaginable issue. Fortunately, good deeds and basic decency transcend politics and can help us see that we share more common ground than we like to admit. If you want proof of this, read articles or watch videos of complete strangers responding during natural disasters, such as Hurricane Harvey or the California fire and mudslides. In essence, people are still good, but we need reminders now more than ever.

February 17th is Random Act of Kindness Day. Started in 1995 by the eponymous Random Acts of Kindness Foundation, this is a day to celebrate and promote people paying it forward. The concept of “paying it forward” refers to a situation when a person receives some benefit or act of kindness from somebody, then later does a random act of kindness for a different person.

For example, one day you are at the register at Starbucks and realize that you forgot your money at home; then, a stranger pays for your coffee. You could pay it forward by paying for a different stranger’s meal next time you go out for lunch. The theory underlying paying it forward is that it creates a domino effect of kindness. In other words, other people see your act of kindness and are inspired to do good deeds for others. This hopefully results in a snowball effect of goodness that multiplies over time.

We have some simple ideas of some random acts of kindness to remind others, and you, how good it feels to help others.

  • Leave a giant tip for the nice server at that restaurant your family frequents.
  • Put together a gift basket for your postal worker.
  • Stop a police officer, fire fighter, or soldier and thank them for their service.
  • Call a local public school and offer to pay off a random child’s school lunch bill.
  • Buy meals and hand-deliver them to homeless individuals.
  • Respond to a hateful internet post with kindness and compassion.

Strangers don’t have to be the sole beneficiaries of kind acts. Spoil your children for the day. Treat a friend to lunch. Or bring Starbucks coffee and pastries into the office for everyone.

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