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Helping Ease Your Child’s Separation Anxiety

In Child Custody by Elizabeth Stephenson

All children are different. They all have different personalities and different ways of coping with adversity. When children find themselves in the unfortunate situation of their parents separating, each child reacts differently. But even if a child isn’t outwardly showing signs that they are struggling, it is important to acknowledge that divorce is traumatic for all children. It is therefore parents’ duty to help their children cope with this trauma and find a path forward. One way that children’s lives can normalize following a divorce is with ample visitation with their parents. However, in the early phases of a separation, children can experience a natural amount of separation anxiety when it comes to leaving their primary caretaker and visiting with their other parent. This can manifest itself in many different …

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Appreciating Teachers and Being an Involved Parent

In Child Custody, Parenting by Sarah Hink

Your children’s teachers spend a lot of time with them during the course of the year. For about six and a half hours a day, five days a week, you drop your kids off and leave them in the care of teachers. You put your trust into them to act in multiple roles, as caregivers, as instructors, as coaches, as mentors, and as role models. Being a teacher isn’t an easy job, and good teachers are worth celebrating for what they contribute to your children’s lives. So if your child has a great teacher, let the teacher know it. Let them know it in your words and actions. This may include sending kind notes or emails, talking to them if you see them at school, participating in teacher appreciation events …

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A Car or Truck and Your Divorce

In Separation & Divorce by Carly Baker

When you separate, one of the issues that you have to resolve is how property is divided. This is a big deal because there can be a lot of property to sort out, and the outcome has big implications for your financial future. Further, tensions between the separating couple can make this task difficult, which can turn property claims into turf wars. A vehicle, like a car, truck, or motorcycle, is a valuable piece of property that can be a focal point when it comes to equitable distribution proceedings. This makes it a topic of great interest. There are several questions that must be answered in determining what should happen with it. These include: Is the Vehicle Marital Property? North Carolina is an equitable distribution state, which means that courts …

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Tips for Child Proofing Your New Home

In Child Custody, Parenting by Elizabeth Stephenson

When couples divorce in North Carolina, they must live in separate residences for a year before they can seek a divorce decree from a court. While divorce is a significant and sad life experience, the prospect of moving into a new apartment or home can be a positive step toward moving forward. Further, furnishing and fixing up your new place can be a healthy distraction from your worries. If you have young children and plan to have overnight visits with them, then it is a good idea to take child proofing seriously. Here are some friendly ideas on where to start. If you have any heavy furniture, like a television stand, dresser, or shelf, make sure that it is anchored to a stud in the wall behind it. Anchors come …

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Understanding the Difference Between Civil and Criminal Law

In Domestic Violence, Separation & Divorce by Sarah Hink

For a lot of people, a courtroom is a courtroom, and a lawsuit is a lawsuit. However, while it all may seem intimidating to some people, it is worth understanding that not all legal proceedings are the same. In fact, the law is basically broken down into two separate systems: civil law and criminal law. These cases have very different subject matters, are often heard by different judges, are handled by different attorney, have very different consequences, and have different procedures of appeal. Criminal Law Criminal laws are designed to punish or deter the public from engaging in bad acts. Criminal cases are brought to a court by a state or federal prosecutor (in cooperation with an investigative agency) against a defendant on behalf of the government. The prosecutor’s goal …

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The Effects of Domestic Violence on Your Children

In Child Custody, Domestic Violence by Carly Baker

Domestic violence in a relationship is dangerous and can be deadly. While victims suffer both emotional and physical trauma from an abusive relationship, the impact of the violence on children must also be considered. During these formative times in their development, children need stability, safety, and trust. Unfortunately, the presence of domestic violence—whether it is occurs in the child’s presence or not—can throw a giant monkey wrench into all of these critical childhood needs. If this topic is relevant to your current relationship, consider the following: Domestic violence can be incredibly dangerous to children. While you love your children, domestic violence situations involve heightened emotions and bad decisions. This means that an abuser is not acting in children’s best interest and is putting them at great risk of harm; further, …

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COBRA and Keeping Your Kids Insured

In Child Custody, Child Support, Health by Elizabeth Stephenson

Separation and divorce can bring about a great sense of financial uncertainty, which is why it is important to be informed of your options when it comes to anticipating and managing your expenses. One such are is healthcare for your children. Even with insurance, health care for children is expensive. If you’ve ever had to bring your children to the emergency room or an after-hours clinic, you know exactly what we’re talking about. You may get a giant bill from the facility, and when you think that’s the end of it, you can get bills from the private doctor’s group and from labs that performed blood work or x-rays. Imagine then, if you had to cover your children’s ongoing and emergency health care without insurance. This is a prospect that …

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Creating Your Post-Separation Budget

In Separation & Divorce, Wealth by Sarah Hink

One of the often overlooked considerations when it comes to separation is just how expensive it can be. For couples who are already stretching their financial limits, the costs associated with separation and divorce can be eye-opening. Some of these additional costs include moving costs, paying for a second residence and utilities, furnishing that place, postseparation support, child support, and legal fees. Therefore, when spouses separate, it is critical to develop a reasonable budget as a responsible step toward your brighter future. Gather all necessary documentation to determine your post-tax monthly income and your assets. This can include job related income, side income, and additional sources of income such as post-separation or child support. You need to know the starting point of your budget. Determine all of your “fixed” monthly …

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Divorce and Remaining Connected with Your Career

In Separation & Divorce by Carly Baker

When you are at the end of a relationship and have separated, life can feel incredibly unbalanced. You are dealing with the emotions of the break up, the change in your daily routines and living situation, and uncertainty for the future. There is no conceivable way that you are at your best. This is an unfortunate collateral effect that can impact the hard work and dedication you have put into building your career. Remain Connected with Your Career While taking care of your mental health is an essential part of moving forward, so is maintaining your career and your professional reputation. Therefore, even if you feel yourself just going through the motions, consider implementing the following ideas into your work life. When given the opportunity, make sure that you take …

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Top Reasons Not to Ignore Legal Pleadings

In Separation & Divorce by Elizabeth Stephenson

As children, most of us learn that ignoring problems do not make them go away. Unfortunately, as adults we don’t always take this lesson to heart. Sometimes, ignoring problems as adults really comes back to bite us. This bears particular truth when it comes to lawsuits, as there can be serious and long-term consequences if you fail to properly respond. Ignoring Civil Lawsuits If you are served with a lawsuit from a collection agency, foreclosure, or another civil matter, you need to read the materials and speak with an attorney. The consequences of failing to act can be a ridiculous monetary judgment against you, a lien on your property, seizure of property, or garnishment of your wages. These are judgments that are incredibly hard to shake and may not even …