National Hobby Month

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January is National Hobby Month, a time to celebrate the hobbies that entertain you, stir your passion, and fill your spare time. It is also a great opportunity to discover new hobbies.

Why are hobbies worth celebrating and discovering? Because they are good for our mental health. No matter what is currently going on in your life, hobbies can provide a healthy outlet for stress and anxiety. Therefore, New Direction Family Law encourages you to celebrate or to find a hobby of your own.

  • Think about your interests prior to your latest relationship. When we become involved in new relationships, hobbies sometimes fall to the wayside or disappear entirely from our consciousness. This is because new love can create tunnel vision and remove our time and desire to spend on certain hobbies. Go through the boxes in your attic and get your brushes and paints out.
  • Think about what you loved as a child. Think about your youth and your teenage years. Was there something that you truly enjoyed doing, but fell to the wayside once you became an adult or went to college? Did you excel at a sport, play an instrument in band, or adore participating in theater arts? There is nothing wrong with revisiting the things that made you happy.
  • There are so many needs in the community that have great need of volunteers. This includes non-profit organizations that help the homeless, women’s shelters, children’s shelters, hospitals, senior living communities, animal shelters, churches, and disease research. Volunteer opportunities range from hands-on work, to utilizing your professional skills, to advocacy, to fundraising.
  • Join a Meetup group. One of the great benefits of hobbies is the social aspect. You have an opportunity to meet people who have similar interests and to expand your circle of friends. The social website Meetup features many groups of people who are putting themselves out there to create events of common interests.
  • The website Pinterest features virtual galleries and albums of photos and ideas of crafts, decorations, parties, furnishings, and almost anything else people are interested in.
  • Take informal classes at a community college or local college. Informal classes are relatively inexpensive and can offer a really wide range of options, including photography, cooking, horseback riding, bird watching, and modern art. Look at course catalogs online and read every description. If something peaks your interest, try it out.

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