Making the Most of the End of Summer

In Child Custody, Parenting by Sarah Hink

As your children get older, it becomes painfully clear how fast time flies. This rings particularly true if you share custody of your children with their other parent—and therefore have a lot more limited time with them than you would like. And while many parents joke that they can’t wait for their kids to be back in school, most realize that these times are precious. Therefore, as summer comes to a close, it is really important to live in the moment and to make the most of the end of summer. Here are a few friendly suggestions to really make these last weeks count:

  1. Have a barbecue with all of your kids’ friends and their parents. Make it a potluck while you supply the meats for grilling. Buy a giant pack of those instant-fill water balloons, bring out the splash toys, and inflate those kiddie pools for one last hurrah.
  2. Rent a teardrop trailer or small RV and go on a little adventure with the kids. Research campgrounds that offer a wide variety of hiking and water features. Take full advantage of the magic of a campfire. If you limit their screen time during this trip, they may later have really fond memories of this time together.
  3. Hold a Mario Kart Tournament or a board game tournament. Check out your local comic book shop, where there is a wide range of complex, yet fun, board games for the entire family. Learn these games with your kids. The winner gets bragging rights.
  4. Make a home video movie. Do you remember as a kid, using you parent’s camcorder to make your own movies with your siblings? While they were objectively awful examples of filmmaking, they were a genuine blast. Carry on that tradition with your children. Brainstorm movie ideas, write a script, and download a movie making app on your smartphone. With free apps, you can actually edit your work, add music, and add special effects.

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