Keeping Your Faith When Facing Adversity

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The end of a marriage can push the strongest person in the world to their emotional limit. Divorce shatters peoples’ long-term plans, their routines, and their sense of stability—it can feel like a trap door has instantly opened beneath them. While facing this intense level of adversity, it is easy to get angry and to make decisions that are out of line with your character. But no matter how far you feel that you have fallen, always remember that you are not alone. There are friends, family, mental health professionals, and your faith to turn to.

Keeping (Or Finding) Your Faith Through Adversity

While religion will not necessarily give you your answers, it can offer you comfort. Beyond speaking to friends, family, or professionals, it can also be comforting to pray and worship to a higher power. If you have never been religious, then it can’t hurt to begin exploring your spiritual side. This spiritual side can help you focus on forgiveness instead of anger, and on hope instead of despair.

In addition, you need positive support systems, which you may find in your religious community. If you explore the calendars and program bulletins in your Church, Temple, Synagogue, Mosque, or Monastery, you may find support groups, committees, socials, or interest groups that can introduce you to new people and experiences.

Finally, religion can offer you structure. It can be hard to find the motivation to get out of the house when you are experiencing adversity. Even if you are not feeling your best, mental health professionals still recommend living within a daily structure or routine, rather than locking yourself in your home and dwelling on unpleasant thoughts. Beyond work, attending services at your place of worship can continue or create new traditions to give you a new sense of familiarity and normalcy in your life.

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